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Privacy Policy


At Turner4YYC we are focused on regarding your security. This strategy portrays how we gather, use and reveal individual data concerning our visitors and others. This arrangement might be altered occasionally by posting refreshed forms on the Turner4YYC site and you may likewise be advised of changes after signing in to the site.


Individual data is data about a recognizable person. Your own data incorporates your complete name, address, phone number, email address, and whatever other data that distinguishes what your identity is or would permit somebody to reach you. Individual data possibly becomes known to Turner4YYC when you give it to us, or when an outsider, for example, a travel planner, relative or other party books a ticket for your sake and furnishes individual data to Turner4YYC with your assent.


It is our approach to gather, use and unveil individual data about you with your insight and assent, except if generally required or permitted by regulation. Preceding gathering individual data, it is our strategy to distinguish the reasons for doing so and to restrict the assortment, use and exposure of individual data to those reasons.

By and large, we will gather individual data from you, and use it and uncover it with express assent got from you or from somebody for your sake. There will be events where we will depend on quit agree regarding reaching you with offers that we feel will hold any importance with you. We will utilize quit assent just in conditions where the individual data being referred to isn’t delicate, where the reasons and conditions are restricted and distinct and drew out into the open at the time individual data is gathered, or where you are offered a chance to quit or pull out your assent then, at that point, or whenever by reaching us.

In the event that we recognize another reason for utilizing or revealing your own data, except if generally legally necessary, we will reach you to get your assent for the new use or divulgence and we might utilize your contact data, including your email address, to do as such.


Assuming you might want to fly with us, book a convenience or vehicle, join a mailing list, go after a position, take an interest in a program or participate in a challenge that might be presented by Turner4YYC every once in a while, you will be requested individual data as depicted in this strategy and as expressed to you at the hour of assortment. Individual data might be gathered by us through our call community, or by cooperation with our Website, or from you face to face, or about you by us from a travel planner or other party acquiring travel administrations for you for your benefit.

It is our approach to gather individual data about you straightforwardly from you where conceivable or sensible to do as such. In any case, there are conditions where individual data about you will be gathered from an outsider getting travel administrations for you for your benefit with your assent.

Individual data given by you or for your sake to book flights or other travel administrations will commonly not be given to anybody, including a life partner, relative, companion or colleague, without your assent, or as legally necessary, or as in any case gave in this protection strategy. To safeguard your protection privileges and individual data, and for security and legitimate purposes, we accordingly for the most part can’t uncover your own data to any individual reaching us and guaranteeing either to be a mate, relative, companion, associate or generally qualified for your own data, or professing to have your agree for us to do as such, except if and until we have confirmed with you that you truly do as a matter of fact agree to our exposure of your own data to such determined person. The special cases for this are:

* We will unveil your own data on a sensible premise to a booked your ongoing person flight or other travel administration where that individual has sufficiently distinguished themselves. We will think about that, since they recently had your assent, express or inferred, to manage us, your assent proceeds. Satisfy Agent or Account Manager in Terms Of Use.

* Where a singular reaches us and furnishes us with your complete name and booking affirmation number giving us sensible grounds to finish up they are reaching us with your assent, express or suggested, we will reveal flight data to that person for the reasons for allowing that person to meet your flight or know about delays, and other comparative data. Flight data is restricted to flight number, flight timing data, affirmation that you have or have not loaded onto a flight, and the takeoff and appearance areas of your excursion with us. Flight data is offered as an assistance and accommodation to you to allow meeting your flight and monitoring any postponements or flights that are early. We won’t give other individual data like street number or contact data to others in these conditions without your express assent. In the event that you don’t want people to have the option to acquire flight data from us, you shouldn’t share your PNR number with them. Any other way, we will reason that, where an individual has your complete name and booking affirmation number you have given your agree to their reaching us for your flight data. Booking affirmation number alludes to the affirmation number alloted by Turner4YYC to you for a particular flight.

Booking a Flight

Whenever you book a trip with us, or when somebody books a trip with us for your sake, we will request your orientation, name, address, email address, telephone number, and Mastercard data. We gather this data to handle your solicitation for go administrations or to take care of discounts. We want your orientation to decide the weight and equilibrium of our airplane and to help us in distinguishing you for legitimate and security purposes. We may likewise utilize your own data to get in touch with you about your flight booking or about whatever might influence your flight booking or your flight.

Turner4YYC may likewise utilize your own data to reach you about your movement designs and your encounters while flying with us.

Satisfactory individual ID reports, including visual similarities, will commonly be expected to allow you to board an airplane or access different administrations. This data is gathered for security, lawful and recognizable proof purposes and is by and large got back to you right away and not held.

Prerequisites of Government Authorities

In view of the idea of the carrier business, and worries regarding wellbeing and security, there might be circumstances in which Turner4YYC is expected by legitimate specialists to gather, use or reveal individual data about you, especially when you are going with us, without your insight or assent. Data that we are expected to gather by any Canadian government specialists, contingent upon your loading up area and objective, may incorporate, as expected by such specialists, your complete name, date of birth, citizenship, orientation, visa number and nation of issuance, drivers permit and region of issuance or other photograph distinguishing proof, the means by which you paid for your flight, subtleties with respect to the way things were reserved, and some other individual data gathered by us as set out in this strategy or as expected by such government authority.

Unique Needs and Unaccompanied Minors

Dependent upon specific limitations and the Turner4YYC Local Domestic Tariff, administrations are proposed to people with unique necessities and for unaccompanied minors.

To appropriately serve people with extraordinary necessities, and to guarantee the wellbeing and security of all concerned, Turner4YYC might require extra private data, remembering applicable clinical data and data for specific prerequisites, for example, whether a wheelchair, oxygen supply or other exceptional gear are expected, as well as extra contact data in case of a crisis.

To serve unaccompanied minors, Turner4YYC will require individual data concerning adult(s) dropping off the kid at the initiation of their movement with Turner4YYC as well as the adult(s) meeting the youngster at the finish of their movement with Turner4YYC, as well as extra contact data in case of a crisis. We don’t permit unaccompanied minors to continue to trips with different transporters without first being met by an assigned grown-up or grown-ups. For security purposes, we might ask the assigned grown-up or grown-ups for adequate individual data, incorporating individual ID with visual similarities, returning such data to the assigned grown-up or grown-ups whenever personality has been checked.


At the point when you book with us through an Agent, your Agent will furnish us with the very private data that we would somehow or another gather from you straightforwardly to book a flight or other travel administrations. Except if and until we are prompted if not, we will consider an Agent to have your position to give us your own data to be utilized and unveiled by us in accordance with this security strategy. Assortment, use and exposure of your own data by your Agent will be dependent upon your dealings with the Agent and their security arrangements and practices.

Specialist admittance to online data from Turner4YYC is administered both by Turner4YYC approaches and by limitations and levels of authorization set up by the Agent. Work force in every Agents office might have the option to get sufficiently close to private data concerning all clients and clients of the Agents. Admittance to your own data may not be restricted to the singular Agent you have managed as Agents might share data. Any requests about another Agenct getting to your own data ought to be coordinated to the first Agenct with whom you booked your flight. See Agent in Terms Of Use.

Account Manager Bookings

If an outsider, including a relative or companion, or your boss or another party other than a travel planner, has made or will make a setting up for your sake, that party will furnish us with the very private data that we would somehow gather from you straightforwardly to book a flight or other travel administrations. Except if and until we are exhorted any other way, we will consider such outsider to have your power to give us your own data to be utilized and revealed in accordance with this protection strategy. Assortment, use and exposure of your own data by an outsider will be dependent upon your dealings with them and any relevant protection strategy and practices they might have.

Certain businesses and different gatherings might be allowed admittance to online data from Turner4YYC concerning your booking where your boss or other party has made that setting up for your sake. Such access is represented by our TERMS OF USE. Such other party, including any others to whom it awards authorization, will actually want to get to individual data concerning all people for whom they have made appointments. See Account Manager in Terms Of Use.

Turner4YYC Member and Mailing Lists

Our Live Online Booking highlight permits you to furnish us with your own data for your benefit in utilizing our site, would it be advisable for you decide to select. We endeavor to constantly work on the capacity of the fields accessible, yet except if we prompt you in any case, any improvement in or expansion to the fields will be dependent upon similar arrangements as set out in this approach.

For certain select in administrations, Turner4YYC may, with your assent, gather profile data about you, as well as segment data. This data will be utilized to impart explicit data to you in light of the profile and segment data you give.

Assuming you might want to do any at least one of the accompanying:

1. join our HA mailing list and be educated regarding limits and other special offers;

2. be educated regarding new courses and administrations; or

3. take part in research overviews occasionally,

you should initially set up a Live Online Booking profile and check the relevant choice or choices, following which we will utilize your profile to speak with you through email as you have mentioned. You might pull out your agree to any of the previous choices whenever.

Limited time Contests

Turner4YYC might offer different advancements occasionally. Whenever you participate in a limited time challenge, we request your name, date of birth, address (email as well as private) and telephone number so we might speak with you in the occasion you are a champ thus that we might confirm that you are of adequate age to take part or that you meet other qualification necessities expressed in a particular challenge rules. Other data connected with the advancement or challenge might be mentioned whenever legally necessary.

Business Opportunities

Turner4YYC offers business amazing open doors over its site. Assuming you might want to go after a position at Turner4YYC, you will be approached to give your name, phone number, address, email address, and other data concerning your application like business history, references and instruction. This data is utilized to reach you and to audit your application, including to contact any references for your sake or whatever other outsiders that you might agree to our reaching and examining your work history and related matters.


A treat is a limited quantity of information, frequently including a mysterious novel identifier, that is shipped off your program from a site’s PC and put away on your PC’s hard drive. We use “treats” to gather and aggregate general measurable information – treats don’t give us admittance to any of your own data. Treats track the developments of guests to our site and permit us to gather mysterious data about guest site use examples to all the more likely comprehend and meet their necessities with further developed web architecture. On the off chance that you have enrolled with us, treats additionally permit our site to perceive your PC the following time you visit and sign in and consequently fill in fields as referenced above in Turner4YYC Member and Mailing Lists.


Turner4YYC uncovers your own data with your agree to outsiders as expected to handle your solicitation for movement administrations, including flights, lodging and vehicle appointments, and to offer types of assistance to you, or as expected by pertinent regulation, or as in any case set out in this approach.

Turner4YYC is consistently looking for manners by which to more readily serve you. Turner4YYC may along these lines likewise unveil individual data concerning you to different associations who might have partnered projects to Turner4YYC or different proposals important to you to permit them to reach you, however Turner4YYC will do so just with your assent, which you might pull out of the blue.

Accomplices and Related Service Suppliers

Turner4YYC might furnish you with the chance to get to items and administrations from outsiders. Those outsiders might gather, use and uncover individual data from you or about you to give their items or administrations to you. The assortment, use and exposure of individual data by those outsiders will be administered by their security arrangements and any assent you give and, except if we exhort you in any case, Turner4YYC has no admittance to or command over your own data gathered from you by those outsiders.

Necessities of Government Authorities

As referenced above, we are expected to gather individual data by government experts in Canada, and that data might be revealed to those specialists without your insight or assent as legally necessary. It is the strategy of Turner4YYC to just gather and uncover what is legally necessary, and not much.


Turner4YYC has set up safety efforts and strategies to guarantee that your own data is safeguarded from abuse and from unapproved access.

Nonetheless, no information transmission over the Internet can be destined to be 100 percent secure. We can’t guarantee the security of the data you communicate to us over the Internet.


Maintenance Periods

Individual data gathered by Turner4YYC is held however long it is sensibly expected for the reasons for which it was gathered, or as legally necessary, it is safely annihilated or made mysterious to follow which it. Assuming you pull out your agree to our holding your own data, we will exhort you regarding the results, if any, of your doing as such.


Go ahead and reach us assuming you have any different kinds of feedback about this strategy or the exactness and fulfillment of any data in your record, assuming that you wish to refresh any of your data, in the event that you might want to see a duplicate of the data we have on document about you, or a record of the utilization that has been made of your data. To do as such, essentially contact Turner4YYC at:

Complementary: 1.800.665.0212

You may likewise utilize the above data to pull out any assent you have given, or to enroll a worry or grumbling with us. In all cases, we might expect that solicitations for data or withdrawal of assent be gotten by us by email, fax, mail or generally in composed structure. We will likewise expect that you give adequate data to permit us to find your data to manage your solicitation.

Answering YOU

All solicitations for admittance to data and objections should be given recorded as a hard copy and our reaction will be subject checking your personality prior to answering. As of now we don’t acknowledge solicitations or grievances by means of email. It is our strategy to answer all requests, demands for admittance to individual data and concerns or grumblings in the span of 30 days of our getting them except if generally permitted or legally necessary. On the off chance that we can’t completely answer in something like 30 days, we will in any case inform you concerning that in 30 days or less.

Notwithstanding, we can’t give you admittance to individual data that we don’t have, or that would reveal individual data concerning one more person without their assent, or that we in any case can’t uncover under pertinent regulation. There are lawful limitations in specific situations where we are disallowed from furnishing you with specific data. We save the right, in restricted conditions, to decline to give admittance to data where not legitimately expected to do as such, in which case we will instruct you with respect to the purposes behind doing as such, of the name of an individual who can respond to any inquiries you might have, and different subtleties of your lawful freedoms.